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‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello! Whatcha buyin’, whatcha buyin’? We got th’ finest stuff in all o’ London! We got shirts, we got sausages, we got… Decorative vases! Why not! We got th’ finest CDs in all of– Oh, ‘ello Officer! Of ‘course I got the right paperwork, lemme go grab me Cousin Mickey real quick! What? O’Course I’m not packin’ up to get outta town as fast as possible, whatcha thinkin’ copper?!… I…

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couldn’t hit reblog quick enough


This morning at BUR airport

  • TSA: Congrats you're TSA Precheck approved.
  • ME: Thanks
  • TSA: Please take your laptop out, shoes off, etc..
  • ME: I thought Precheck meant I didn't have to do that?
  • TSA: Right, but only in the Precheck line.
  • ME: Where's the Precheck line?
  • TSA: It's closed.
  • ME: So then why did you congratulate me?
  • TSA: It's a real achievement to get Precheck
  • ME: Seriously?
  • TSA: Keep moving...